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TBTRadio – Podcast #1


Hey, everyone! Hope you enjoy Truth be Told’s first podcast. Today’s subjects range from the origins of our site, to the importance of black institutions, to Missy Elliot’s new single. Plus: is Spongebob SquarePants the last great American hero? Hosts Marc Rivers and Maya Cade discuss.


(NOTE: This podcast was recorded before the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris).

November 16, 2015

About Author

Maya Cade Maya Cade is a reporter, editor and web producer for TruthBeTold.news. She is also executive editor and co-founder of ATribeCalledNews.com and former deputy editor of The Hilltop at Howard University, where she is a senior majoring in journalism. Maya is passionate about all things digital, minority and women. Follow her on Twitter @mayascade.