Kanye West Allegedly Created An Inappropriate Work Environment At Adidas, How Long Did Adidas Allow It?

By: Zsana Hoskins 

Source: The Guardian

Kanye West is yet again a trending topic on Twitter. Adidas/Yeezy employees reported to Rolling Stone that Kanye West played pornographic videos in meetings and showed intimate photos of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, during job interviews. Former employees also say West used “mind games” to bully them. 

Over two dozen former employees have come forth to admit that the culture in the office was abusive. 

Now folks are taking to Twitter to speculate how long Adidas knew about this and allowed it to go on. Many are claiming that West’s behavior was probably excused because of his status. Some are even taking it as far as to say that Adidas may have been aware but swept the entire situation under the rug.

One of the statements in the article comes from an employee hired around the time West first transferred Yeezy from Adidas to Nike (2013). And several more came after this.

All of this information is surfacing just weeks after Adidas cut ties with and ended its shoe partnership with West.

Neither Kanye West nor Adidas has made any statements concerning the allegations yet. So as for now, it is uncertain whether Adidas was aware of these incidents or not.

November 23, 2022

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