Education, For the Record, News, Technology / January 28, 2024 Experts Seek to Diversify Tech Industry 

By: Asia Alexander, Sabreen Dawud, Makenna Underwood, Amarie Betancourt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has made its way into various industries from convenient assistance on cell phones to self-driving vehicles. AI seems to be here to stay. However, the safety surrounding this technology, particularly for Black communities, is questionable. While AI technology appears to have advanced...

Black Lives Matter, Education, Fact-Checks, For the Record, HBCUs, News, Politics and Government / January 8, 2024 Student Loan System Causes Unequal Burdens for Black Student Borrowers, Makes Them Prey for Predatory Lending Tactics

By: Amber Smith Several years after leaving Morgan State University with a major in physical education, Marcus Dumorin found himself grappling with repaying his $55,000 student loan debt while handling monthly obligations, including caring for his young daughter and sick mother.   His monthly payments had reached as high as $600, an insurmountable challenge given his...

Black Lives Matter, Fact-Checks, For the Record, News, Social Justice / January 8, 2024 Culture Remains in Barry Farms after Forced Gentrification

By Autumn Coleman, Jakeria Haynes and Hunter Stevens Today, like every day for the past 10 years residents of Barry Farms are being pushed out. The Barry Farms neighborhood is located in Southeast Washington, D.C. – which to D.C. natives is known as “east of the river.”. The neighborhood originated as a development established by...

The Complicated Love Affair With The Oscars
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The Complicated Love Affair With The Oscars

 won’t be watching the Oscars on Sunday. For the second year in a row, every acting nominee is white. It is the first time that there have been two straight years of all-white nominees since 1995 to 1996, just three years after I was born. Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of the 1996 ceremony….

All Lives Matter *

All Lives Matter *

Just because people want to save rainforests doesn’t mean that they’re dismissive of other forests, says political cartoonist Keith Knight. Similarly, the #BlackLivesMatter movement doesn’t mean that proponent don’t care about other lives, Knight said during “Drawn From the Headlines: Communication and Political Cartoons,” a discussion Wednesday night at the National Archives in Washington. “You’ve gotta think…

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