Fact-Checks, For the Record, HBCUs, News / May 1, 2023 Amid a Multi-Million Dollar Expansion Plan, Some Local Residents Fear Howard’s Contribution to Gentrification

By: Jasper Smith, Badi Cross, Daniel Young, Victoria Greer  The Yard and Douglass Hall (Kennedi Armour/The Hilltop) Customers who walk into Blue Nile Botanicals on Georgia Avenue are often met with the burning smell of sage and incense before being greeted by Ramon Thompson, who works behind the counter bagging and selling herbs, spices and...

Education, Fact-Checks, HBCUs, News, Quick Hits / April 28, 2023 The Reality of Student Loan Debt for Undergraduate Students

By: Latia Cook, student writer     President Joe Biden’s plan to combat student loans has been a huge topic recently due to the majority of Americans owing thousands in student loans.   Student loans are the highest loans for the majority of Americans next to car loans.  Rising tuition and the cost of borrowing, which has...

Music, Quick Hits / April 28, 2023 The Power of Music

By: Quam Odunsi, student writer Vanessa Luna is a twenty-one-year-old aspiring musical artist based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Luna got their first piece of musical equipment when she was six years old, a ukulele bought by her father. She remembers performing in front of her family a lot as a child. Her love for music grew...

The Complicated Love Affair With The Oscars
A&E, Big Brotha, Opinion

The Complicated Love Affair With The Oscars

 won’t be watching the Oscars on Sunday. For the second year in a row, every acting nominee is white. It is the first time that there have been two straight years of all-white nominees since 1995 to 1996, just three years after I was born. Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of the 1996 ceremony….

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