A&E, Music, Quick Hits / November 11, 2019 Amid the Music Streaming Rush, a Vinyl Revival

By Spencer Green After nearly vanishing from store shelves and most households, vinyl records are making a strong comeback.   More than 16 million vinyl albums were sold in the U.S. in 2018, producing vinyl’s highest total revenue in 30 years, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Of course, the $419 million...

A&E, Music, Quick Hits / September 27, 2019 Why Your Favorite Songs Seem to Leave You Wanting More

By Alexandra Banks Have you ever been listening to a song from your favorite artist, and right when you’re starting to enjoy the song, it just…ends? Whether this song takes the form of an interlude or just a 90-second melodic experience, it seems as if artists are releasing teasers rather than full-length songs these days....

A&E / May 13, 2019 Reaching New Heights in Death

By Tai Spears As the world continues to mourn the untimely death of Nipsey Hussle, the rapper’s music streams and sales have risen dramatically. According to initial reports made by Nielsen Music, on the day of and day after his March 31 death, his catalog of songs collected 101.5 million on-demand streams (audio and video...

Black History Month, Health and Beauty / February 27, 2019 When a Hairstyle Is … Sustenance

By Kyra Azore Cornrows have a rich history in the black community, a traditional hairstyle that traveled to America in the belly of the slave ship 400 years ago and can still be seen marching in the streets for freedom today. But cornrows have a more engrained purpose in the history of African Americans. It...

Black History Month, For the Record, Health and Beauty / February 27, 2019 When a Hairstyle Is … Freedom

By Sabrina Shanghie What if I told you the trendy cornrow styles of 2019 once served as a gateway to freedom for enslaved African Americans hundreds of years ago? In the past decade, many cultures have embraced the beauty of cornrows, including some who don’t understand the deep history that the style holds. Braids may...

A&E, Black History Month, For the Record, Music / February 27, 2019 Betty Boop: Inspired by a Black Jazz Singer

By T’Keyah Hayes Betty Boop is widely recognized as one of the most notable cartoon characters and one of the first cartoonized American sex symbols. Her vocal trademark, “Boop Oop A Doop,” and her contoured figure in a form-fitting dress traces back to a black woman by the name of Esther Jones. Esther “Baby Esther”...


How ‘Fences’ Was Built
A&E, Fact-Checks, Quick Hits

How ‘Fences’ Was Built

Denzel Washington’s film adaptation of August Wilson’s “Fences,” which premiers on Christmas Day, is being praised as an original remake of the Broadway play. However, this story has been an essential work in American theater for more than 30 years, and it didn’t originate with Washington. Oscar-winning actor James Earl Jones originally portrayed Troy Maxson,…

#nomakeup with a little help?
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#nomakeup with a little help?

Alicia Keys launched a movement after she published a letter on Lena Dunham’s blog, Lenny, in May, stating that she has had enough of wearing makeup everyday. Her reason is simple: “I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my…

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George Clinton on the Mothership, the Smithsonian — and Funk

The Mothership is the space vehicle of George Clinton aka Mr. Funkenstein and his wingmen of Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication. As part of the Parliament-Funkadelic theory, it existed as a fictional vehicle of funk arrival to engage fans who were down with the P-Funk movement. After the success of his hit “Chocolate City,” Clinton says, the Mothership was later developed into a physical…

Black Actresses Ready for Love
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Black Actresses Ready for Love

By Marc Rivers Rita Hayworth serenades a nightclub audience with the Latin-tinged love song “Amado Mio” in one of the most famous scenes in“Gilda.” A spotlight caresses her body; the rhinestones on her pearly white dress twinkle like stars. The soft lighting makes her glow. The rest of the audience sits in shadow; all eyes…

#OscarsSoWhite, Because #HollywoodSoWhite — and Male
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#OscarsSoWhite, Because #HollywoodSoWhite — and Male

By Miesha Miller April Reign, who spearheaded the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, will be live-tweeting “The Wood” with some of her 22,000 Twitter followers during the telecast of the 88th Academy Awards tonight. As part of a nationwide series of protests and “tune-outs,” the Rev. Al Sharpton plans to lead a rally outside the Dolby Theatre in…

The Complicated Love Affair With The Oscars
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The Complicated Love Affair With The Oscars

 won’t be watching the Oscars on Sunday. For the second year in a row, every acting nominee is white. It is the first time that there have been two straight years of all-white nominees since 1995 to 1996, just three years after I was born. Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of the 1996 ceremony….

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