Election 2018 / November 6, 2018 Election Day Brings Steady Rain, Determined Voters

By Alexandria Frank Many voters in the eastern part of the U.S. awoke to a pouring rain on Election Day, but the nasty weather didn’t wash away people’s desire to be heard. At polling locations in Washington, voters still came out to perform their civic duty. The morning rain cleared up around noon, leaving the...

Election 2018 / November 6, 2018 DeSantis Called Tallahassee the State’s “Most Crime-Ridden”City. Its Citizens (and Stats) Say Otherwise.

By Maya King TALLAHASSEE—Residents of Florida’s capital city are confused and offended by the way their city has been recently portrayed in the public sphere. Both President Trump and his disciple, gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, have described Tallahassee as “dangerous” and “corrupt,” citing a recent crime spike in Leon County. Those who actually live in...

Quick Hits / November 6, 2018 Cable Is Still Going Strong. For Now.

By Breon Perry

Can Ben Carson Help GOP Attract Black Voters?
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Can Ben Carson Help GOP Attract Black Voters?

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson launched a new radio campaign last week — featuring a Carson-inspired rap, meant to grow his appeal among African-American voters, according to his campaign. The $150,000 advertisement, interspersed with rhymes from rapper Aspiring Mogul and bits from Carson’s stump speech, will air for two weeks in eight urban markets. The…

Does Planned Parenthood Have a Strategic Plan for Black Genocide?

Does Planned Parenthood Have a Strategic Plan for Black Genocide?

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), an anti-abortion group, leaked deceptively edited videos earlier this summer that showcased Planned Parenthood employees speaking in offhand conversation about the selling of fetal tissue. The video series depicts months of conversation between undercover CMP employees and Planned Parenthood staff. The video series has in return added more fuel to…

Can You Spell That for Me Again?

Can You Spell That for Me Again?

Picking a name for a child is complicated. Parents should choose something that not only sounds right with the family surname, but they should also take future nicknames (good and awful) as well as job opportunities into consideration. Growing up with an unusual name is an experience like no other. ”How do you spell that?”…


Between the World and Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisi Coates returned to home to The Mecca, where he spent the day interacting with Howard University students — some of whom he praised for stumping him with insightful questions. The MacArthur “Genius” Grant recipient participated in master classes and an evening event that filled Cramton Auditorium, where he discussed everything from history and identity to…

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